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About the Diva Sisterhood

MortgageGirlfriends.com was created in 2007.


Hi, this is Karen Deis, and being in the mortgage, appraisal, real estate and new home lending business for 28 years, I was one of the first women to originate loans way back in 1972.

In the year 2000, I sold all of my businesses and moved from Indiana to Wisconsin.

With all of the sales and marketing knowledge, mortgage experience and mortgage industry contacts, I became one of the first women to provide online training to loan originators and real estate agents.Enough about me!

Now back to 2007…where I realized that while women are awesome networkers, mortgage women did not have an easy way to network with each other—so, Mortgage Girlfriends was born—with Jenna Lindseth as Co-Founder! Jenna has worked with Karen Deis since 2002, maintaining the day-to-day operations of Karen’s websites. She is in the glue that holds the technical stuff together…maintaining the website, updating content, making sure you can access your membership pages and is available when you need help.

Reasons why mortgage women join the Diva Sisterhood:

  1. To network and share ideas  other mortgage women throughout the United States and Canada

  2. To educate you with incredible articles, classes, interviews, videos, scripts, marketing downloads; resources for you – from other women – who have been there, done that!

  3. To have a “private” space to ask questions, share your concerns, tell your stories.

  4. To empower women take control of their business—and improve their lives.

  5. To mastermind with the best of the best—who are eager to help you along the way

  6. To offer you support when you need it most.

  7. To provide discounts on products and services designed to help you increase your business.

  8. To give and get loan referrals from other mortgage women.

Click here for the entire list of benefits we know that you’ll love. 

When you join, you get to set up a personal profile within the MortgageGirlfriends.com website. It’s simple: Add your photo, your contact info, lending expertise, city and state so you can easily be found.  If a girlfriend needs to refer a loan to someone outside their lending area, they will be able to find you. The truth of the matter is that nothing beats the power of a referral.

Oh, and we hold face-to-face mastermind events several times a year—where you can meet and network with successful women from other areas of the country.

We have built a culture over the years in which women help other women. We’re thrilled that you found us and thanks for your time to learn about the benefits of joining the Diva Sisterhood!


We hope you’ll consider joining this exclusive group

Karen Deis, Founder

Jenna Lindseth, Co-Founder

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