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Here are the articles in this issue:

  • How to Coach Home Buyers about the Mortgage Process
  • Why You Should Let the Neighbors Know When You List a Home for Sale
  • Do You Know How Much You Are Paid Per Hour?

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(82-page ebook)

I’ve been writing blogs for what seems like 100 years!
So, what I did was consolidate many of the highly rated blogs into a e-book. 
My mother was an activist, who believed that women should get equal pay for equal work.  The apple did not fall far from the tree because I am passionate about helping women make more money, save time, and most of all succeed in the mortgage business.  
Each story is between 300 to 500 words.  Short. Sweet. Start and stop reading at any time.  
Mortgage girlfriends inspire me every day and I hope that some of these stories will inspire you too.

Are you thinking about changing companies?

Or, maybe your company is asking to sign an updated contract?

Contracts are not set in stone – they are negotiable.

So, even if you have an employment contract now, I suggest that you review it. If some of the 18 things I’m about to list are not covered or are unclear, you might want to get them clarified right now — before it’s too late!

I have a confession to make –

I spend a few hours per day reading FB posts, posting content myself, or making comments on other loan officers’ posts.

As an observer, I see some of the mistakes that loan office make and I’d like to share some of them with you.

Facebook pages that are not legal or in compliance.

Things to keep in mind when posting on FB (or any other social media page for that matter):

Linda Davidson, Service First Mortgage has shared the email/letter she sent to her clients explaining what happened, and what to do if you’ve discovered if your information has been hacked. 

Linda has given diva menbers permission to copy this letter!

I suggest that you email or send out immediately.  

Here's the letter!

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