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It’s that time of year again, and this may be the last year that real estate agents may be able to claim all the deductions they are entitled to.

There are many different ways to market this checklist:

  • Hold a Lunch & Learn with a CPA or tax preparer.
  • Email to real estate agents.
  • Post that you have a checklist on social media and ask them to request the form from you.
  • Post the entire list on LinkedIn along with links back to several CPA’s you are connected to.

Written By: Karen Deis (an interview with Cherie Birch)

Cherie Birch holds an annual “Success In High Heels” event, and I got to interview her about the concept, the location, the invitations, the contracts, the prizes, the exhibitors, and how she gives back to the community!

Before the name of the event turns off the guys reading this interview, it’s an event that can be sponsored by either gender — because it’s all about promoting self-employed women in your community.

Written By: Tracy L. Kelly, President, Kelly Mortgage, Inc. (NMLS 1594896)

While technology has a place in the mortgage industry, it cannot replace good old-fashioned experience and knowledge that a mortgage professional can offer.

I consider myself a tech-head, maybe even a tech-nerd … however, I do love a face-to-face conversation that ends in a handshake.

I feel that my referral partners know that I offer not only the latest and greatest in tech tools, but also superior customer service and support. My motto is … I’m only able to provide superior service if my vendors are of the same mindset. Therefore, I work with an exclusive set of technology vendor partners.

Written By: Cindy Ertman, The Defining Difference Success Strategist (TheDefiningDifference.com)

I am always reminded of a conversation that I had more than 15 years ago with Tim Braheem.

Tim has been a close friend and mentor of mine for many years, and I always had this secret desire that Tim would ask me to do something great! He knew my talent as an originator, a teacher and a coach. He knew my dedication to the mortgage industry, my passion to teach and to train other originators and my desire to help them grow. Yet, he never asked me to lead any events or invited me to do anything that I construed as great.

Then one day when I was sitting in his office, we had a conversation about this. His words have never left me.

He said, “Cindy, no one can ever make you great. You have to want to be great!”

Written By: Tammy Butler, Publisher, MortgageCurrentcy.com [Diva Members - Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive the discount code good towards $100 off the first year of an annual subscription (not valid towards quarterly subscrition) to MortgageCurrentcy.com.]

“It’s Just Compliance Training, who cares? We just have to show our examiners that we checked off a box and that people were trained to satisfy regulatory requirements.”

Without retaining the source, I write down interesting statements like the one above, when I am shocked or perplexed by the view. Sadly, I hear things like this too often, from positions as high as the General Counsel or C-Suite. These comments typically come from interactions on the phone, at conferences or other conversations during the course of business. 

I have a strong and accomplished background in sales, marketing, training, operations, pricing, secondary marketing, profitability, technology and compliance, which gives me a very unique perspective as a consultant. I don’t see the origination process from the eyes of just one position, but instead see it more holistically through the eyes of each position. From this view, I find many astounding observations and incorrect assumptions from the C-Suite through Compliance about training.

I ask that you take a moment to consider where our industry may be missing the high points of the “spirit of the law,” as my attorney friends like to say, specifically related to compliance training. Use this information to consider where you may need to make minor modifications in your business practices that will also make positive impacts to both the bottom line and the effectiveness of your compliance results. Yes, I said “positive impacts to your bottom line,” not negative impacts – as that is what GOOD training yields.

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