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Content in this section has been ghost-written for you. 

  • Copy and paste, using the title of the article as your “subject,” and email to your past clients, family, friends and affiliates.
  • Download the written version of the newsletter, add your contact info and send snail mail (you might do both snail mail and email because not everyone reads their email—or has one).
  • Use as a “script” if you record videos for your website or blog page.

The client articles in this newsletter are:

  • New Consumer Rules: Your Mortgage Payment Account
  • What to do if Your Power Goes Out
  • How to Shop for a Real Estate Agent that's Right for You!

In addition to emailing this great information to past clients, family and friends, consider using them in your blog; your social media pages; your website. Some loan officers are using the downloadable “printed” newsletter and sending in the mail. Others are using the content as a video script.

The main thing is that you be consistent! That’s where the magic happens.

Written By: Irene Duford, FirstCal (Kingman, AZ)

I close at least half of my loans in 25 days or less (except USDA and VA).

Many people ask me how I’m able to do this. Some people don’t believe me. Some have copied the checklist that I use, with the same results.

I created a standard 3-page checklist that I give to borrowers. But in addition, I created another 3-page checklist for my reference, and for my processor and closing agent!

Articles in this Newsletter:

  • Bullet-Proof Your Homeowner's Insurance Coverage
  • Shopping for a Competent Tax Preparer
  • What to do if Your Wallet Goes Missing

Articles in this Newsletter:

  • Not Every Credit Score is Created Equal
  • Too Cool for School: How to Buy a Kiddie Condo for Your College Student
  • Six Reasons You Should NOT Refinance Your Mortgage
  • What's the Scoop with Automated Bill Paying?

Here are your client newsletter articles for September and October. The feedback we’ve gotten is that LO’s are not only using them as snail mail newsletters, but including them in emails and blog pages, or on Active Rain, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Here are the 4 articles:

  • When You Buy a Home...Who's Your Friend? Buyer agency and why your clients should use it.
  • Should You Save Your Money or Pay Off Your Bills? Pros and Cons of savings vs. paying off debt.
  • How to Avoid Moving Company Scams! Tips from government website.
  • How to Pack Your Luggage to Get the Most with the Least! How best to pack carry-on luggage.
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