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Content in this section has been ghost-written for you. 

  • Copy and paste, using the title of the article as your “subject,” and email to your past clients, family, friends and affiliates.
  • Download the written version of the newsletter, add your contact info and send snail mail (you might do both snail mail and email because not everyone reads their email—or has one).
  • Use as a “script” if you record videos for your website or blog page.

Here are your client newsletter articles for September and October. The feedback we’ve gotten is that LO’s are not only using them as snail mail newsletters, but including them in emails and blog pages, or on Active Rain, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Here are the 4 articles:

  • When You Buy a Home...Who's Your Friend? Buyer agency and why your clients should use it.
  • Should You Save Your Money or Pay Off Your Bills? Pros and Cons of savings vs. paying off debt.
  • How to Avoid Moving Company Scams! Tips from government website.
  • How to Pack Your Luggage to Get the Most with the Least! How best to pack carry-on luggage.

Article titles:

  • Preventing Break-Ins: How to Keep Your Home Safe from Thieves
  • Nine Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Household Items
  • Deceptively Simple Ways to "Shop" for a Realtor­® That's Right for You
  • Place for you to add information about You/Your Business

The client newsletter articles for May/June 2012 are available for you to download.

  • 9 Things to Remove from Your Home Before You List It for Sale.
  • Does Your Garbage Disposal Smell?
  • What You Didn’t Learn in School: Six Tips from the Experts.
  • How to Measure Something If You Don’t Have a Measuring Tape!

Use them individually or together. Use them individually for your blog, Facebook posts or email marketing. Use them together as a printed newsletter, where you have space to add your own personal comments.

This is a follow-up article to 10 Commandments When Applying for a Loan to distribute to prospects, to give to real estate agents and even use as a sign on your desk.

So, someone asked if I would create the 10 Commandments When Buying a Home. I looked online and found a couple of posts — when you read this one, you’ll find that I have used a couple of the “commandments” from previous posts, but for the most part they are original!

I know it’s happened to you more times than you can say grace over. The buyer purchases a car, furniture, or has a ton of credit inquiries that either holds up the closing…or the worst scenario, the loan never closes because the client no longer qualifies.

I recently had a chance to visit with a loan originator in my small city of Hudson, WI, and on her desk she had a flyer called the “10 Commandments When Applying for a Loan”. I asked if it would be ok to share it with you and she said sure — but for the sake of full disclosure, she stole it from someone else.

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