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Written By: Irene Duford, FirstCal (Kingman, AZ)

I close at least half of my loans in 25 days or less (except USDA and VA).

Many people ask me how I’m able to do this. Some people don’t believe me. Some have copied the checklist that I use, with the same results.

I created a standard 3-page checklist that I give to borrowers. But in addition, I created another 3-page checklist for my reference, and for my processor and closing agent!

Ask and you shall receive! That’s what I did! I asked some of the top loan officers to share their best client/customer surveys with you — and I received 9 of them!

They have allowed me to share them with you!

Download all 9 of them.

Use the one that you like the best, or create your own by using some of the survey questions from each one of them.

I know what you do, (and it’s exactly what I did) you give a “shopping list” of documents that your clients need to bring with them for a loan application!

Jennifer Robinson, WR Starkey Mortgage (Montgomery, AL) gives borrowers a “To Don’t” list.  Yes, things not to do during the processing of the loan.  The clients must initial each item on the list and sign their name.  They get a copy of it as a reminder.   She has graciously allowed me to reprint it here for you.

Read the form. I know you’ll love it. In fact, it’s also available for you to download in a word document format so you can add your company’s name and modify it if you want to.

With hurricanes, fires and floods, people are often given short notice of the impending catastrophe. They rush around their homes trying to determine (or even find) what they should take with them and often left with just the shirts on their backs.

Here's an Emergency Kit Checklist, created by the Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security. It can be downloaded, printed and sent to your clients, family, friends and business associates. The list also includes tips on document safe-keeping, contact information, first-aid supplies and ID tags. A cover letter has been created for you and both marketing pieces allow you to add your name, and contact information.

I know I sound like a broken record: you may be the best loan officer in the entire world, but if people don’t know about you—or remember who you are—you’ll go broke!

Here are some client articles for past clients, family, friends and even your real estate agents. Email them. Blog about them. Hey, even use as a snail mail newsletter. (I recommend that you snail mail at least one or two mailings a year — just to double check your contacts have not moved.)

Articles in this newsletter include:

  • What You Need to Know about HARP: Home Affordable Refinance Program
  • How to Take a Home Inventory of Your Possessions
  • What to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor
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