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Content in this section has been ghost-written for you. 

  • Copy and paste, using the title of the article as your “subject,” and email to your past clients, family, friends and affiliates.
  • Download the written version of the newsletter, add your contact info and send snail mail (you might do both snail mail and email because not everyone reads their email—or has one).
  • Use as a “script” if you record videos for your website or blog page.

I was talking with a loan officer a few weeks ago who told me that while she loved the mortgage business, one of her big frustrations was clients yelling at her and getting upset when she asked them for more documents—and then again, yet MORE documents after the underwriter reviewed the first set of them!

So, I posted this question on Facebook.com/KarenDeis:

“What script do you use to warn clients of the possibility that you may have to call them 3 or 54 times to bring in more documents?”

I got a ton of great posts, including a client handout written by Craig Goebbel that members can download (at the end of the article) and email or print and distribute to your borrowers at the time of loan application. It’s called, Why We Need Your Paperwork, and it explains some of the reasons why you might request documents several times during the loan process.

Here are some of the scripts that have been used successfully by other loan officers!

We recently asked a question on Facebook and received an overwhelming response.  The question was, "What script do you use to warn clients of the possibility that you may have to call them 3 or 54 times to bring in more documents?"

We received a ton of great posts (see related article for their scripts/responses) from our Facebook fans.  One of them actually created a handout for clients, that our members can download!

These articles have been ghost-written for you to help you keep in touch with past clients. Oh, and don’t forget family, friends, and people that you know who belong to the same groups as you do.

Cut and paste. Send as an email every couple of weeks. Use as a blog or a video script. Or send a written (yes, on real paper!) newsletter in the mail.

  • Is it Time to Build a Home? Questions to Ask Yourself!
  • Fall Home Maintenance Tips
  • Does it Really Help to Round up Your Mortgage Payment
  • Four Uses for Cotton Swabs

Winter is just around the corner and this download is extremely timely.  It's a handy Homeowner's Maintenance Checklist (and cover letter to send with it).

This checklist is a versatile marketing piece because you can send out to your past clients, send out to clients on the 6-month anniversary of their closing and also use to co-market with real estate agents (as always, be careful not to violate RESPA and make sure they pay their share of the printing and mailing costs if you go that route).

My guess is - most people are like me.  When I went out of town and asked a friend to check my house periodically, I verbally told them what to look out for.  When I hired a babysitter, I wrote down important information - but each time, had to gather it from different address books; remember to explain the "house" rules and what to do with the pets.

Not anymore!  Send your past clients a Family Checklist.

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