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Client Scripts

Pre-written scripts to use when:

  • Recording video/audio for Facebook, blogs, websites and other social media sites.
  • Content exclusively for past clients, family, friends and affiliate partners.  
  • Scripts created in Word Doc format.  Easy to edit and make it uniquely your own. 


What you will learn:


Generate Leads from Your Current Borrowers-ASK for the Referral at the Time of Approval AND Post Close.

[Edit and use the following verbiage as a hard-mail letter or email to your Borrowers at the time of approval.]

Script Title:  Have You Ever Heard of Your Reticular Activator?

Script Title:  Live Call/Voicemail to Your Closed Borrowers 2-3 weeks After the Close

I recently released an e-book entitled, The Little Book of Mortgage Scripts (available for instant download for $37), which has a bunch of scripts that you can use to answer the routine questions that you get every day.

Is the use of scripts in your everyday mortgage conversations good or bad?

I haven’t been in the mortgage business since 2000, but can still recite most of the scripts that I used.

So, what do YOU say when prospect asks:

Use this client-based script for various marketing campaigns, not limited to: posting on YouTube, adding to your website, blog page and sharing on Facebook.

Script Title:  What a Good Listing Agent Will Do for You When You Decide to Sell Your Home

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