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Consumer Direct Marketing

Would you rather obtain your purchase and refinance leads directly from consumers? 

We offer you articles, classes and marketing pieces (including free home buyer reports) that have been proven to get clients to call you for information.  Examples include: Consumer Free Reports,  How to Market to Renters and Employee Benefits Marketing!  The cool part?  You get the leads FIRST and can refer them to three real estate agents of your choice!

So the refinance business is going away.

You have a ton of clients who are pre-approved, but because of the lack of listing inventory, they are not able to find a home to buy.

And, "Start calling on real estate agents" has again become the “new” marketing strategy.

However, there is another, lucrative niche to consider – new construction lending.

I recently held a diva strategy call with a new mortgage diva, Lisa Souls.

Lisa shared about an event she held where 48 women signed up to attend, and 37 women showed up. Several of the attendees are currently looking for homes using several real estate agents that Lisa recommended. 
Her event was called “Why Women Should Invest in Real Estate,” and not only has she provided an outline of the event, but mortgage diva members can log in and get a copy of the sample ad and her complete PowerPoint presentation

A huge thank you to Lisa for embracing our motto...lending each other a hand!

MEMBERS - Do you have a great idea that you'd like to share with the group, like Lisa did?! We'd LOVE to hear from you and have you lend other members a hand!  Email your idea to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or call 715-426-3647, ext. 2, to share your idea with Karen by phone.

Are you in an area of the country where the listing inventory is the lowest in a decade? 

Where houses are being sold at $10,000, $20,000 and even $50,000 over listing price? 

So, have you thought about holding home SELLER seminars? 

While plenty of information can be found about the “national” market, it’s difficult for sellers to search the internet (on their own) for statistics about the real estate market in their own back yard (unless they contact a real estate agent).  They don’t totally understand the selling process.  How to market their home.  What a real estate agent does for them.  Oh, and why they should be pre-approved BEFORE they list their home for sale. 

Here’s the thing.   Quite a few sellers don’t want to be pressured to list their home until they are ready to do so—and that’s where you (the loan officer) are the perfect person to market and hold these events. 

Class Length: 25-minutes

Here’s what you’ll learn in this class:

  • Reasons to provide mortgage education classes online for consumers
  • How to create your own video classes
  • How to create a Power Point video class
  • Six ways to market the classes to get more leads
  • A list of mortgage education topics
  • Sample Class Script - Why You Need to Get Pre-Approved

As heard on the street:

    “Last year at this time we had 1,200 homes for sale. Now we only have 41.”

No listing inventory.

Sellers are on the fence.

Real estate agents are twiddling their thumbs.

And your pre-approvals are going nowhere.

I wanted to share with you three ideas that may help you get sellers to list their homes and buy another one.

  1. Seller Seminars
  2. Real Estate Investment Clubs
  3. Suggested social media post
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