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Marketing to Realtors®

Learn tried-and-true (and some interesting and unique) ways to not only gain more real estate agent referrals, but also learn how you can help Realtors® you currently work with to get more business, too. 

Examples include:  How to Hold Realtor Roundtable Forums and Hot Topics for Realtor™ Meetings.  Content comes in the form of online classes, articles and marketing material downloads. 

Also available are “Done-4-You" Realtor® Articles you can use as though you wrote them!  Consistently send via email, snail mail the newsletter or post on your own blog. 

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Tips on getting more comments on your FB posts.
  • 7 FB posts for Real Estate Agents.
  • How to connect after each comment from Realtors.

What you will learn:

  • Comparisons of old IRS rules and 2018 Rules Income Tax
  • Copy of Power Point Presentation “How the New Tax Rules Affect Real Estate Agents” 

What you will learn:

  • Sample script/email to reach out to Realtors®
  • List of suggested sales meeting topics

Video Length: 10-minutes

Featured Presenter: Karen Deis

I hear from Loan Officers who tell me that one of the most valuable parts of my latest ebook, The Little Book Of Mortgage Scripts, was how to answer objects and questions from real estate agents.

[Here's the thing...each script ends with a probing question to engage the real estate agent in a conversation with you!MEMBERS - The e-book, The Little Book Of Mortgage Scripts, is available FREE to you if you use this link! Make sure you're logged into the website, visit this article, to download your copy of the ebook now!]

So, here's what I did...I recorded a short video for you, with short scripts on how to answer the most common objections - ones like:

  • We have an in-house mortgage company that I’m supposed to refer loans to.
  • I give my clients the names of three lenders to call.
  • I’m only a listing agent—so I don’t have any buyers to refer to you.
  • Your closing costs are too high.
  • How much will you pay me if I refer a client to you?

In a recent Facebook poll, I asked my Facebook friends to provide me with the titles of business books that they have read. That they recommend. With strategies that they have implemented in their mortgage practice.

A few of the books are specifically for real estate agents, but I suggest that YOU read them too so you know what they are being taught.

In addition, email and share this list of business books with your real estate agents.

Here’s the list:

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