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Realtor® Scripts

Pre-written scripts to use when:

  • Recording video/audio for Facebook, blogs, websites and other social media sites.
  • Content exclusively for real estate agents, includes sales and marketing tips to help them increase their business.  
  • Created in Word doc format.  Easy to edit and make it uniquely your own. 

What you will learn:

Scripts loan officer can use when…

  • Agent asks for you to pay for their advertising
  • Agent tells you they already are working with another lender
  • Agent tells you they have an in-house lender
  • Agent tells you that they refer 3 lenders

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Grow your Realtor Database-Play Leap-Frog with Your Current Realtors

Script Title/Subject Line for Email: Looking for a new connection please...

Script Title: Grow Your Realtor Database - WOW Your Listing Agents

Script Description: Email to Listing Agent a Day or Two after the Close

Use this real estate agent-based script for various marketing campaigns, not limited to: posting on YouTube, adding to your website, blog page and sharing on Facebook.

Script Title:  There's a lot More to a Loan Officer than Interest Rates

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