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As heard on the street:

    “Last year at this time we had 1,200 homes for sale. Now we only have 41.”

No listing inventory.

Sellers are on the fence.

Real estate agents are twiddling their thumbs.

And your pre-approvals are going nowhere.

I wanted to share with you three ideas that may help you get sellers to list their homes and buy another one.

  1. Seller Seminars
  2. Real Estate Investment Clubs
  3. Suggested social media post

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Video Length: 28-minutes
Featured Presenter: Karen Deis

Here’s what you will learn from this video:

Have you ever thought about creating a mortgage benefits program for local companies in your area?

The system is not a relocation program—it’s a mortgage savings program for employees of both manufacturing and service businesses. Labor unions, local community heroes like firemen, police, nurses, and teachers. And it can also be presented to groups such as churches, clubs, associations and organizations.

This class will explain how you can do this yourself – and it won’t cost you a lot of money either.

Video Length: 15-minutes
Featured Presenter: Karen Deis

Here’s what you will learn from this video:

There may (or may not) be plenty of home buyer seminars out there. Holding a sellers’ seminar is unique and different, and may get you even more leads. Why? Because sellers could be your next home buyers! They literally have put a sign in the yard telling you that they want to move. It’s the latest seminar strategy to get butts in the seats.

Included is an outline of who you might invite as speakers and what information to present to home sellers.

Written By: Tammy Butler, Master CMB, Publisher of MortgageCurrentcy.com.

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If more loan officers worked to position themselves as mortgage experts on social media, I probably wouldn’t receive so many messages like this: “Hey Tammy, you’re in the mortgage industry. Do you know anyone we should go to? We’re thinking about buying a home.”

I’m glad I can help my friends connect with responsible lenders, but it also makes me wonder why someone in their network wasn’t already considered a suitable candidate. After all, many of these prospective homebuyers have many more connections than I do, yet no one else has earned their eyes or their business as a mortgage expert.

Mortgage originators have an average age of “over 50,” and this may be part of the issue – we simply didn’t grow up in a world with social media, so positioning ourselves as mortgage experts doesn’t come naturally.

I am sure that many of you have used Fannie or Freddie’s Monthly Budget Worksheet. Some underwriters have requested it, especially if a borrower is “close” on the qualifying numbers.

Continue reading on how you can use it with your marketing strategies, too.

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