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Thursday, 18 April 2019 00:00

Do You Make these Marketing Mistakes?

What you will learn:

  • Six common marketing mistakes
  • Ideas on how to correct those mistakes

Question:  Do you have a “personal” mission statement?

All the biggie corporations have mission statements.  Your company probably has a mission statement.  But does your company’s mission statement align with YOUR values? 

On a recent diva strategy call with Michelle Belskis (a diva member), she mentioned a website that helps you build your own mission statement. 

The site asks you 10 questions and actually WRITES the mission statement for you, based on your answers. 

In addition to your personal mission statement, it gives you the option to create one for your family and one for your team. 

Here’s the link - https://msb.franklincovey.com/

So, here’s the thing.  Compare your personal mission statement with your company’s statement and see if the values are aligned.  If not, well…you have a decision to make. 

If you are so inclined, I’d love to have you share your mission statement with me. Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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I want to start with a question:  How many of these types of trips have you taken? 

For those of you who know me, I live for vacations and trips. 

So, I read an article recently about the trips that every woman should take before she dies and wanted to share them with you in hopes that before you leave this world, you add some of these adventures to your bucket list! 

Passion Trip – What is your passion?  Yoga?  Cooking?  Broadway plays?  Think about taking a trip where you get to immerse yourself in your passion.

Relaxing Trip – Go where you feel you can get away and unplug.  The beach.  A remote island or cabin in the mountains.  Read books that you have been meaning to get to. Just do nothing but relax.

Solo Trip – This trip may not be for every woman, but I have made several solo trips myself. The beauty was that I got to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to, without having to get buy-in from everyone else.  It’s empowering and boosts  your confidence. 

Train Trip – I recently vacationed in Spain and took the train (and one bus ride) to 5 different cities.  It gives you a different perspective on the areas of the country you may never see from a car.

Girlfriends Trip – Time with girlfriends is priceless. It is one of the best investments in not only building long-lasting relationships, but getting to know each other on a more personal level.

Last-Minute Trip – If you are a planner (like me), a spontaneous trip can take you out of your comfort zone and into an adventure that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

Volunteer Trip – Use your expertise to help others and experience first hand how the other half of the world lives.  It is also satisfying that you are giving back to the world.

Road Trip – Even if it’s only for a few days, get in your car and gain a unique perspective and experience what’s happening in the cities and towns in the good old USA. 

So, how many of these types of trips have you taken?

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Does your mind get stuck and you feel depressed when something negative happens to you? 

Are you a “glass-half-empty” type of person? 

Does “misery” really love “company”?  (The answer to this is YES.)

I just listened to a TED talk by Alison Ledgerwood on how our minds tend to view the negative—longer than we view the positive. 

So, let’s do a little test:   Please answer these two questions

  • What were 3 low points in your day yesterday?
  • What were 3 good things that happened to you yesterday?

Based on experiments and focus groups, you can probably name the negative things right away, whereas it will take you longer to remember the positive things. 

And yes, you can program your mind to think of the positive things FIRST.

  • Write down the positive events/grateful things you experienced each day.
  • Try to train your mind to look at the bright side of something negative that happened to you.
  • Instead of complaining how awful your day was, share the good things that happened instead.

If you have those negative people around you, don’t get caught in the negativity trap – bring up something that is positive instead.

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I was thinking the other day about how, helping one family (or single person) buy a home and granting them a mortgage, has a huge impact reaching far beyond the closing of the loan. 

What you do as loan officers affects not only the clients, but also future generations.  You already know some of the impact that you have created—building equity and wealth.  Providing a safe environment/shelter.  The pride of homeownership.

But what about the family who built up equity in their home and refinanced it to send their child to college – who then became a teacher and changes the lives of hundreds of children?

Or the parent who was able to move closer to their job, saving commuting time (and money) so they could spend more quality time with their child/children?

Or the couple who have reached retirement age and made enough money from the sale of their home to retire and spend time volunteering in their community—impacting even more lives?

The house you grew up in (regardless of the type of house, mobile home, apartment, homeless shelter) shaped who you are today.

Be proud and know that YOU have changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people by being in the mortgage business. 

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Thursday, 07 March 2019 00:00

Are You Taking Things TOO Personally?

So, this just happened in the last few weeks:

I recently had a diva strategy call about being afraid to consistently send out emails to past clients and agents, because someone might opt out.

Another conversation about an article I wrote about texting tips to real estate agents went like this:         "What if they get mad at me?”

And personally, I received an email from someone that said, "do not email me anymore".

I know that for women, someone opting out or asking to be removed from your mailing list is like...OMG, they don't like me!

But, don't take it personally!

It’s not personal—it’s just business! 

What is really happening here is that you are "weeding" out the people who would have never done business with you in the first place.

They don't want your info. 

They don't see any value in it for them. 

And, that's okay - you can't be all things to all people. 

Here’s the awesome part - it gives you the opportunity to re-double your efforts to provide useful information and content to those who really like you and want to hear from you!

When someone doesn't want to hear from you anymore, don't take it personally - consider it as a blessing!

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Guest Diva Digest Author: 

Tracy Kelly, President, Kelly Mortgage, Mortgage Girlfriend Diva Member & Advisory Board Member. Tracy's company is considered one of the fastest-growing, female-owned broker companies in California and surrounding states.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I love the beginning of the year. 

It’s a fresh start, with new opportunities on the horizon, a chance to look at the prior year and take stock of where you could have done better and praise yourself for what you did well.  It’s also a chance to count your blessings.

Someone stole my wallet, which had Christmas money in it, a few gifts cards that I had gotten for Christmas, etc., not to mention the inconvenience of having to stand in line at the DMV for 6 hours on New Year’s Eve. Yes, this all sucked, but I figured that the person who stole from me needed the money more than I did.  I had to stop and ask myself for three things that I was thankful for.  Did this help? Not really, I was still upset about my wallet and its contents. But then I started thinking about all the amazing things I have in my life and all the new adventures that 2019 has in store for me.

I put together a few ideas that I hope will get you through those “brain fart” days.

Get Your To-Dos in Order

The first thing you want to do is get organized.  I love making lists, not so many that I get caught in in just doing that, but so that I can get my brain straight and prioritize.  Making a list is easy and will help you feel motivated to get more done.

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and list all your to-dos for this month.  There’s no need to create some fancy organization system, just take notes of the things you want to get done. Then, number them by importance.

Now, decide how you want to spend today—start small, don’t stress yourself out by trying to complete your entire list in one shot.  Do a few tasks at a time and cross them off your list. This will help you feel a sense of accomplishment.  Now, for those pesky things that are sitting around your home making you crazy.  I have a golden rule that I try to live by.  I pick ten up things every day, no more and no less (doing laundry, etc. only counts as one thing).  I find that it’s easy to manage and there are times when I may only have four things to put away. 

Triage Your Inbox

If you have ignored your inbox, you probably have a lot to go through.  Today is not the day to get through all of them, you will only stress yourself out trying. 

Instead, you’re going to want to create three email labels that are named:

  • Needs an answer today
  • Needs an answer this week
  • Probably delete-able.

Once this is done, filter all these emails into these three folders. Now, focus on that first folder today (and save that last folder for Friday when you’re done with work for the week).

Give Yourself Breathing Room

It’s Monday!

Never, never try to focus for 9 hours on that day.

Find the time to get up from your desk and take a few deep breaths. Eat lunch. Exercise for five minutes.

The easier you make today, the easier the rest of the week will be, and it will set the tone for the remainder of the week.

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What every woman should know…

  • When to walk away
  • How to confront a challenge without feeling guilty
  • That you can’t change the past or the width of your hips
  • Who you can trust and who you can’t trust
  • Where to go in case your soul need soothing
  • How to control your own destiny

Question: What would you add to this list?

What every woman should have…

  • A perfect outfit that makes you feel like a diva
  • A jumper cable in your car
  • A set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill and a black bra
  • A flashlight, matches, chocolate and a great purse to carry them  in
  • A good piece of jewelry to pass on to another woman when you are gone
  • A special recipe
  • A speed-dial phone number to your favorite restaurant
  • A friend who will make you laugh
  • A friend who will let you cry on her shoulder
  • Enough money to cover 6-months’ living expenses
  • A juicy past to retell in your old age

Question: What would you add to this list?

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Thursday, 14 February 2019 00:00

Negativity Sucks

So, it’s been over a month since the first of the year.

You’ve made some resolutions.

You said that this year was going to be your best year ever.

You vowed that you were going to maintain a positive attitude regardless of what happens.

Then life happens and some things get you depressed.  You start posting your frustrations on social media. You want people to feel sorry for you. 

Well girlfriend, negativity sucks—not just for you, but for everyone around you.

So, I wanted to share a couple of tips to help you when the world seems to crash and burn around you. 

  • Get up from your desk and take a 10-minute “Thank You” walk.
    • Mention 2 or 3 things you are thankful for today.
  • Eat a healthy snack—
    • fruits, veggies, snack bar!
  • Stay away from “energy vampires”.  
    • When you hear someone gossiping—walk away.  When you hear someone complaining all the time—walk away.   When you hear someone talk about things YOU can do nothing about—walk away.
  • Look for an opportunity to “serve” someone who might be less fortunate or needs your help.
  • Implement something.
    • It could be the first steps of a project or a marketing strategy.  It could be making a phone call.  Scheduling an appointment you have delayed in setting up.  DO SOMETHING positive.
  • Trust that things happen for a reason.
    • Expect good things to come out of challenging experiences.
  • Smile and laugh.
    • Seek out friends who are funny.  Attend a comedy movie. Read a humorous book.  They are natural antidepressants.

Share something you do to stay positive!

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So, this just happened to me—I started to reflect on some of the things that I regretted doing when I was in the mortgage business.

But (and it’s a big but), I realize that each of these regrets was also a learning experience – meaning that once I recognized the problem, I changed my routines, lost weight, and made some major changes in my life.

The key word here is “recognize”! 

While I don’t want you to become a Negative Nancy, you might want to write down some of the things you have regretted in the past and then determine what you can do to change things. 

So, here is my list: 

  • When I was pregnant, my husband attended Lamaze classes alone because I was busy taking loan applications.
  • Underwriting files during my daughter’s softball games
  • Leaving my children stranded at school because I forgot to pick them up
  • Coming home at 8 pm from the office one Christmas eve
  • Not having dinner with my family on a regular basis
  • Gaining 40 pounds eating junk food
  • Lack of sleep.  Staying up until 1 am setting up files
  • Not starting a database sooner
  • Being a control freak and not hiring a team sooner
  • Not getting rid of toxic real estate agents sooner
  • Not saving for retirement earlier in my career

I just felt compelled to share these with you in hopes that you don’t have the same regrets that I had.

What regrets do you have...so we can all learn from one another!

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