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Karen Deis

Specialty: Sales & Marketing Strategies Coach

Karen Deis, Founder, Mortgage Girlfriends;  Sales and Marketing Specialist;  Speaker for the Mortgage Industry;  Expert Witness.  Karen started her mortgage career in 1972 as a closing agent.  In her 28-year career span, she was a loan officer, branch manager, owned a mortgage broker firm, owned a real estate company, owned an appraisal company and co-owned a mortgage company with a large builder.

She attributes her sales and marketing skills as the key to insuring the success of each one of her endeavors.  In addition to founding Mortgage Girlfriends, she created on-line training websites:  LoanOfficerMagazine.com and LoanOfficerTraining.com.

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Kelly McGuinness

Specialty: Company Owner/Management Coach


Kelly McGuinness is the Regional Manager for Prime Mortgage and previous to her joining Prime,  had owned her mortgage company United Mortgage Finance Group, Inc in North Haven, CT since 1987.

Kelly believes her business tenure and success can be attributed to several key factors; first and foremost, an unrelenting commitment to honesty and integrity in all areas of her career. This value sets a high standard for all the important relationships in business: customers; employees; referral partners and lending relationships.  Adaptability has played a key role in Kelly’s success. Being able to navigate through and respond quickly to different markets and industry changes has been a vital quality. Finally, Kelly possesses a natural and genuine interest in the people she works with. She has been strategic in identifying her company’s culture to improve and enhance her hiring and retention practices. Hiring the right people always means great performance.

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Victoria Fifield

Specialty: Mortgage Business Development Coach


Victoria Fifield began her business coaching career in 2006 with Maximum Acceleration, the sister Company to Loan Toolbox, following years of experience in corporate America where she managed and trained for a variety of companies, including Fortune 100s  such as General Electric and Honeywell International.

Currently, Victoria is the Owner & Head Business Coach of I CAN Coaching Company and Creative Administrator of her FREE help Facebook Fan Page, "Free Business Coaching Tips, Tools & Resources for Mortgage Professionals".

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Jessica Peterson

Specialty: Social Media Diva


Jessica Peterson is the Founder of the Simply WOW Agency. After a 20-year career in the banking, mortgage and financial world, Jessica stepped into her dream and created a Business and Marketing agency niched in Branding, Business Planning, Networking, Social Media and Productivity to provide a positive impact for the businesses she served and for their clients.

Jessica has 7 books and made the best seller list multiple times. She has collected many accolades, including awards for top Sales, Employee, and Women. She is a certified 100k Impact Business Coach and was a TEDx Speaker. After many years of experience and testing social media, Jessica developed a proprietary plan of action to grow your business on social media. She used this simple plan to attract top producing agents.

Currently Jessica is a licensed Real Estate Agent in Florida. She is building a team of Real Estate Agents across America.

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Donna Quisenberry

Specialty: Database Diva


Donna Quisenberry (ACT! Certified Consultant & Goldmine Consultant) has been dedicated to providing database management guidance and technical advantage for customers for over 25 years.

After spending over 10 years as a Program Manager developing and managing global systems and tools for the sales teams and engineering groups at Cisco Systems, Donna took that knowledge and expertise into the mortgage industry.  Donna was the Operations Manager at a multi-branch Mortgage Company and implemented a full scale Database Management and Marketing System, as well as managing the day to day operations of the company, coordinating the various groups and team members in order to bring a streamlined workflow to the way the Loan Officers, Processors, Transaction Coordinators, Marketing personnel and management worked together.

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Janna Fox

Specialty: Credit Repair Expert


Janna Fox is the director of business development for Credit Law Center, a national law firm based in Kansas City, Missouri.Credit Law Center is a consumer rights law firm that assists consumers correct improper and often inaccurate information on their credit reports, getting them mortgage ready within 60-90 days.  In a nutshell, they utilize the law to help improve clients credit in a quick, affordable way.  As a result, Credit Law Center was named one of INC 5000 fastest growing companies. Credit Law Center is well known for the speed, efficiency and affordability they provide their clients.

As the director of Business Development, Janna is responsible for establishing business relationships with loan officers and real estate agents who wish to close more sales.  Janna’s positive attitude and relentless work ethic ensure that her business relationships are solid with her referring Loan Officers and Real Estate agents.  When they send a prospect to Janna, they know that they will get a client back that is ready to purchase or close on a property.   

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Louise Thaxton

Specialty: Working with the Military (VA Loans)


Louise Thaxton (NMLS 6996) is a producing branch manager for Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation (NMLS 2289), with satellite offices across Louisiana and Florida. She has been in the mortgage business for 16 years, 13 of those years with Fairway, where she has ranked #1 for units closed for the last four years.  She has been a keynote speaker at several industry events, is an avid blogger and a regular contributor to industry publications.  She serves as co-Chairman of the Military Affairs Committee of Vernon Parish, Louisiana, and is actively involved in active duty and veteran’s affairs in the communities in which she serves.

Louise is the National Director of the Military Mortgage Specialist within Fairway, a designation which she created and administers.  The objective of this designation is to provide a platform whereby loan professionals can be thoroughly trained, equipped and certified to handle with excellence the mortgage loan needs of active duty and former military clients.

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Tammy Butler

Specialty: Compliance Expert


Tammy Butler, CEO/Founder Fair Lending Diversity, Inc. (FairLendingDiversity.com) and Publisher, MortgageCurrentcy.com

Tammy Butler, Master CMB is one of the leading subject matter experts on compliant Fair lending methodologies and strategies for lenders.  She has developed programs, training, technology and guidance to both lenders and consumer advocacy groups at a national level.

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Sonja Wheeler

Specialty: Company Management Expert


Sonja Wheeler started in 1969 as a loan processor when women were not allowed to be loan officers. She left the company she was working for and became a licensed loan originator and started a mortgage company for a builder. Through the years she has started from nothing as a single parent and built two mortgage companies which were FHA “Full Eagle” and VA Approved Lenders. The companies originated, processed, funded and closed the loans and sold them in the Secondary Market. In 1998 Sonja became bored and needed a new challenge so National Quality Assurance div of Sonja Mortgage Corporation (SMC) was born. The past 20 years she has been assisting mortgage companies grow, prosper and be compliant with all the myriad of regulations. 

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Paula Peck

Specialty: HomeScout Program Expert


Paula Peck has always had an entrepreneur spirit and attitude about every business she has ever owned or endeavored in. She is eager to share with you the steps necessary to have fun at what you do, maintain sanity, and meet your financial goals. 

Paula built a team that closed an average of 20 units a month with 2 LOA’s and a Relationship Manager. While achieving this Paula was still on the road training and coaching at least 5 days a month and always took at least 4 weeks of vacation every year.  

Paula can share with you how to build a solid relationship with Real Estate Agents who want to grow their business—using HomeScout.  Nexgen HBM has a business model that will increase your business with real estate agents who will ultimately be lifelong business partners.

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