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Sonja Wheeler - Company Management Expert

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Since 1969, Sonja Wheeler has a ton of hands-on experience in every facet of starting and owning a mortgage lender/broker business. Her expertise is assisting new start up mortgage companies regardless of the size.  Affectionately known as “Mother Mortgage”.  If you wanted to know something you always asked your Mother.

How Sonja Can Help You:


If you would like to experience being your own boss and start a mortgage company she can assist you with everything from a Budget, Licensing, Manuals, Software, Location, and Security to name a few of the items needed.

If you need access to manuals and/or need state licensing information, I have a panel of experts ( that value you as a client) to assist you.

I specialize in counseling you on setting up or managing your mortgage business, so you don’t make costly mistakes along the way.

I feel that it is so important to give back to the industry and share all the knowledge I have gained through the years to assist someone prosper and grow in a business they are passionate about. 

On-going assistance is provided by:

  • Annual renewable Consulting
  • Closed loan File Audits
  • State Office of Financial Regulation Audit preparation and assistance with findings if any
  • Audit File Check Lists for FHA, VA, USDA, CONVENTIONAL LOANS
  • Private Investor File Audits and Check Lists
  • Office Audits
  • Expert Witness
  • And any other mortgage related items.

Sonja started in 1969 as a loan processor when women were not allowed to be loan officers. She left the company she was working for and became a licensed loan originator and started a mortgage company for a builder. Through the years she has started from nothing as a single parent and built two mortgage companies which were FHA “Full Eagle” and VA Approved Lenders. The companies originated, processed, funded and closed the loans and sold them in the Secondary Market. In 1998 Sonja became bored and needed a new challenge so National Quality Assurance div of Sonja Mortgage Corporation (SMC) was born. The past 20 years she has been assisting mortgage companies grow, prosper and be compliant with all the myriad of regulations. 


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