The Mortgage Girlfriends blog and Facebook pages have been created for women in the mortgage business to communicate, exchange marketing ideas and even provide referrals to women loan officers in states where they are not licensed to do business. 

However, it’s critical that we maintain a high standard of social media etiquette, so I wanted to outline for you the standards that are expected when posting on our social media pages. 

Start a conversation – One of the best ways to start a conversation is to ask questions.  Another way is to post links that you think will be useful to other women in the mortgage industry.  Think of it as a way to publicly communicate with the idea of trying to get as many comments and opinions as possible. 

Add value to the posts – We encourage you to answer questions or make comments on posts written by other women loan officers.  Don’t submit content that nobody cares about.  Don’t constantly promote your website or your company, or try to recruit other loan officers to work for your company.  Adding value to the conversation will get you some great connections with others in the industry. 

Give credit to others – If you are posting something that someone else has written or posted, include the “source” of the content.  In other words, don’t plagiarize and pretend that you wrote it. 

Respect others’ point of view – The purpose of the blogs and posts is to share different points of view because, as women, we all have strong opinions about certain topics.  If you disagree with someone, try to determine where they are coming from and offer useful information and resources.  If you mention a company, a loan officer or product on the social media page that you are not happy with, provide a detailed explanation as to why and give specific details.  Don’t make disparaging comments just for the sake of getting ahead or promoting your company or yourself.

Self-promotion – This is not the place to tell everyone how wonderful and great you (or your company) are.  It’s not the place to promote websites where you are an affiliate member and receive money for recommending them.  And, it’s not a place to try to recruit other loan officers to join your company. 

Public information – Be aware that the Mortgage Girlfriends Facebook page is public.   Only post information that meets social etiquette rules and would not embarrass your mother.

Ownership of content disclaimer – By posting on Mortgage Girlfriends social media pages, you automatically give your permission for the owners of the Mortgage Girlfriends websites (and social media pages) to share your posts with others, create additional training classes using your ideas, posts and strategies, and write articles that will be shared with Mortgage Girlfriend members.  All posted content becomes the property of Mortgage LLC; however, you will be given literary credit for your ideas and strategies.  We will make every effort to acknowledge sources, but cannot trace every idea back to its origin and accept no responsibility for non-acknowledgements. 

Deleting posts – At the sole discretion of Mortgage Girlfriends owners, we reserve the right to delete  any social media post. 


If you don’t follow the social etiquette rules – The blog is meant to enhance the membership experience and create value for everyone who contributes.  It is at the sole discretion of the Mortgage Girlfriend owners if we feel (or even think) that you are not following proper social media etiquette.  Here’s what will happen: 

  • You will be banned for posting on the website and social media pages
  • We will delete your posts and comments
  • We reserve the right to cancel your membership and no pro-rated refunds will be given
  • You will not be able to re-join.
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