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The Little Book of Mortgage Seminars (e-book)

The Little Book of Mortgage Seminars (e-book)
The Little Book of Mortgage Seminars (e-book)
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[Karen Deis was in the mortgage business for 28 years.  She sold her mortgage company, real estate company and appraisal firm (a “serial” entrepreneur) and realized the need for online training for loan originators, managers and mortgage company owners.]

(46-page ebook)

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Do you remember your favorite teacher? Mine was a guy by the name of Mr. Klaus, who taught world government. Now, I have to tell you, I grew up in a small town, and world government was the farthest thing from my mind at the time – but he made it interesting, and left me wanting to learn more.

This e-book is about how to incorporate mortgage seminars into your business plan.

It covers eight niche seminars.

  • First-Time Home Buyer Seminars
  • Second-time Home Buyer Seminars
  • New Construction Seminars
  • VA Homebuyer Seminars
  • Women-only Home Buyer Seminars
  • Home Sellers Seminars
  • FSBO Seminars
  • 31 Seminars for Real Estate Agents

It’s about lead generation and getting more prospects to do business with you.

Just a little background on why I’m qualified to talk about marketing to first-time home buyers.

I had been in the mortgage business for 28 years. For 8 years, I held regular mortgage seminars as one of the ways that I generated leads. At every single one of the seminars, I averaged 30 attendees.

And you can, too.

Think of holding seminars that are so interesting that the prospects who attend think of you as their favorite teacher – only you would be their teacher to buy real estate and get the best mortgage loan.

In this book, I’ll discuss:

  • Eight niche seminars
  • Seminar planning basics and mistakes
  • Who should speak at your event
  • How to get people to attend
  • What unique content to present
  • How to follow-up after the event is over
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